Edwards deep

How deep is Loch Ness?

Edwards deep. In the late 1980’s, a Loch Ness boat skipper called George Edwards was taking part in routine coastguard exercises on the waters of the Loch when he noticed something unusual on his ship’s sonar.

The sonar recorded a depth of 787 feet, a good 37 feet more than had been previously recorded in the area. Since that initial discovery, several other ships have checked the waters in that area of the Loch and confirmed the presence of what was to become known as “Edward’s Deep”, an anomalous rift in the floor of Loch Ness..

Despite (or perhaps because of) the press rolling out the usual “Loch Ness Monster” connections and theories, no detailed examination of Edwards Deep has taken place – so the reasons behind this Anomaly in Loch Ness waters has yet to be determined.

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