Each Uisge

The Each Uisge (Water Horse)

Each Uisge, also known as Water Horse. In the past, there have been tales of many strange and dangerous creatures said to haunt the Highlands of Scotland which could have contributed to the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

Two of these include the Kelpie (said to dwell in rivers and streams) and the Each Uisge (Water Horse) which makes it’s home in fresh and salt-water Lochs and coastlines.

The Each Uisge was said to be a shapeshifter, taking on the form of either a magnificent horse or pony – or even a beautiful man or women.

Anyone coming into contact with the Water Horse’s skin (whether cattle, wildlife or unsuspecting humans) would become stuck fast, unable to free themselves as the creature dragged them into the waters of the Loch.

Naturally the victim would be drowned, whereupon the creature would be able to feed on the flesh, leaving only the liver behind to be washed up on the shore later.

Old myths and legends such as these form the basis for modern legends about the Loch Ness Monster.

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